Colorado Bound

Colorado Bound

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

DIY Leaning Floor Mirror

One of the pieces that I've been coveting for our new home is a leaning floor mirror. I love the presence that a large scale mirror gives a room. It fills up vertical space in a small room without taking up too much space on the floor. Not to mention the lean of the mirror gives a very flattering perspective of yourself! 

I've seen many that I like for upwards of $300, and even those weren't exactly what I was looking for. So I decided to stick to one of my "resolutions" and get crafty. Here's how I made this leaning floor mirror for our guest room.

What you'll need:
  • Tape Measure
  • Mirror
  • Plywood
  • Boards for the Frame
  • Wood Glue
  • Mirror Adhesive
  • Mitre Box (or circular saw)
  • Clamps
Step 1. Measure your space. I looked at many floor mirrors and kept those measurements as a guide. Then I measured my space to make sure the scale would be appropriate.

Step 2: Get your mirror. You can find old mirrors at thrift stores, but I had mine cut by a glass store. I knew what size I wanted and called around to get quotes from several glass stores in my area. I was able to get this mirror for $60. If you're having the mirror cut, you may want them to sand the edges so they aren't sharp as you handle it.

Step 3: Gather your frame materials. To provide stability, I got a piece of plywood to mount on the back of the mirror. Home Depot will cut the plywood to the size you need. I didn't want the plywood to show from the side, so I subtracted 2" from the height and width of the finished mirror (including frame). For the frame, I liked the rustic look of the knotty pine and chose a 4" width. 

Step 4: Cut your frame. Since we're new homeowners, we don't own a circular saw. I bought a mitre box, which was more time consuming, but did the trick perfectly! We cut the boards at a 45 degree angle so they came together seamlessly at the corners. We kept measuring after each cut to make sure the fit and size was perfect.

Step 5: Glue it all together. Follow the directions for the mirror adhesive. We used generous amounts to make sure the plywood would handle the weight of this size mirror. Carefully flip the mirror over and secure it to the plywood. Using wood glue, adhere the frame pieces to the plywood. Use clamps to secure the fit and let set as directed on the mirror adhesive.

I originally planned to take a hammer to the wood and stain it to give it a "reclaimed" look, but once it was finished I loved the light pine and decided to wait. You can finish your frame however you'd like, there are many possibilities!

We don't have little ones running around the house, so our mirror just leans against the wall. However, for added safety, you can secure your mirror to the wall with a mount.

So what do you think? Can this DIY version hold up to the expensive versions? 

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Amanda said...

can you share the dimensions of your mirror?

Amanda said...

can you share the dimensions?

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